How to Clean Your Hardwood Floors

Cleaning Your Home or Condo Hardwood Floors

Wooden Floors

Beautiful hardwood floors are common in Daytona Beach area homes and condos. There’s a hard way and an easy way to clean hardwood floors. You can spend good money on specialized products, but an old standby from your pantry can work wonders.

Plain white vinegar used properly will clean you hardwood floors without worries about harsh chemicals on your floor or in the air. Vinegar won’t harm your children or pets either.

I found a nice article that describes the process of cleaning your hardwood floors. It’s written by a Brit, so enjoy the color (colour) of the language. Oh and 150ml is about 5 ounces and 4.5litres is just under 1 gallon and a quart (4.2 gallons). Enjoy the article.

Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor

Graham Baylis

Now that you have your beautiful hardwood flooring laid and settled, you need to know how to care for it.  Natural wood is very easy to care for and will last a very long time if looked after properly.  You do not need to spend hours cleaning and polishing your hardwood floor, a short time every few days or weekly will be enough.  There are many commercial products on the market for cleaning and caring for your wooden floor, however, there is a very effective old fashioned remedy which is cheap and easy and very natural.  It is distilled vinegar, the clear one which most of us have in our larders anyway. [Read more…]

Tips for Daytona Beach Home Owners – Get Your Tax Credits

Make Sure You Get You Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency

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Did you replace your hot water heater, windows, doors or A/C last year? Will you do it this year? You may have up to a $1,500 tax credit coming.

Many home owners are staying put. Most have no need to sell their Ormond Beach, Port Orange or Daytona Beach homes. That means that as systems like hot water heaters and air conditioners fail, they need to be replaced. If that has happened to you, you need to check the units you purchased to see if they are eligible for a tax credit from the federal government.

If you plan or need to replace hot water heaters, door, windows or and A/C unit this year, making sure that you buy a unit that is eligible for the tax credit could save you 30% of your purchase.

The federal government wants to encourage home owners to be more energy efficient. That’s why they’re providing this tax credit incentive.

The tax credit expires at the end of 2010. You can take 30% of the cost (including installation) up to a total tax credit of $1,500. If you spend $5,000 you can get the full $1,500 ($5,000 X .3 = $1,500). $1,500 is the maximum credit you can take for 2009 and 2010 combined.

The government’s Energy Star Site provides the details of determining if a product is eligible for the tax credit. It’s actually a good site with specifics of what’s eligible and a nice FAQ (frequently asked questions) section.

Remodel Now – Are You Crazy!

You Might Be Crazy Smart to Remodel Now

Well, we know the Daytona Beach real estate market has fallen on down times and there are a lot of construction workers out of work. New homes building has ground nearly to a halt. Meanwhile, home values have dropped and people who don’t have to sell are staying put.

So if you’re staying put and you have been putting off remodeling, or repairs – What are you waiting for? You will pay less now for repairs or remodeling than possiblly ever again. Yes, I mean ever. General prices are rising and home building will pick up again, but, for right now you can get labor for less than you might think.

How low? One contractor told us that he was pricing jobs just to stay in business and keep his best people working. He is forgoing any profit. He needs to do this to get the jobs. That means that many others are bidding lower than him.

Now, hiring contractors at low prices is not unfair or unjust. These people want to work. If you need work done now, especially work that is labor intensive, have it done. If you wait a year or two, you are almost certain to pay much more. Why not take advantage of the situation and save money.

We advise when remodeling Daytona Beach homes, you fully understand that this is a quality of life decision. You are unlikely to do better than break-even if you sell for remodeling that you do, and are more likely not to recover the costs.. However, if you need it, what are you waiting for? The cost to go up?