Helping with Haitian Earthquake Relief

A  Small Step to Help Haiti

This is a reprint of an article that I posted on my main website a few minutes ago. Please take a moment and do what you can. Thank you.

The earthquake in Haiti has devastated the nation and its people. I see the news on TV and although it appears horrible, I don’t think we can begin to understand how bad it is there in Haiti.

I am not able to help directly, but I can give and I have. I would like to point you to an organization that has been helping Haitians for over 25 years with health care and support. The Haitian Health Foundation spends 92 cents from every dollar donated on direct services. They were in Haiti before the earthquake and they will be there long after short-term aid is gone.

I’m giving money because that’s what aid organizations the world over ask for during these times. I’m giving to an organization that’s dedicated to Haiti because I know the money will be spent there.

Your preferences may be different, but I urge you to do whatever you can to help the people in Haiti. You may literally being saving people’s lives.

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