All Real Estate Is Local

Remember – All Real Estate Is Local

Getting your real estate news through national news sources is dangerous to your financial health. I read a lot about real estate and too often I see so many examples of news reported that just doesn’t fit with our local situation.

I read today that mortgage applications are way down over the past four weeks. My initial reaction was a little panic about my business, but then I remembered that what’s happening nationally is out of sync with what’s happening in the Daytona Beach area.

My business is good. We had 17 phone and email inquiries over a 2-1/2 day period this week. These are people are buyers. We have a load of closings on the books over the next two to three months and we are writing a lot of contracts.

The Daytona Beach real estate market is out of sync with the national market. The things that make Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach and Port Orange attractive have not changed. The beach, ocean and weather that made the area to begin with are still here.

I urge you to take your real estate news in local doses. A good place to start is our just published Daytona Beach Area Home and Condo Sales Up in May 2010. We’ve also just updated our foreclosure pages to reflect current listings, you can see that at Daytona Beach Foreclosures Pages Updated.

As always, you can call me to discuss any home or condo, or just talk about the local market.

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