Daytona Beach Homes for Sale Over $1,000,000

Daytona Beach Homes over $1,000,000

OK, it’s time for some fun. I love real estate and looking at homes. That’s how I got into the real estate business. I love looking whether I’m looking for a new home or not. Sometimes it’s just fun to look, and since we are just going to look, why not look at the most expensive homes in Datyona Beach.

I set up a page on my Daytona Real estate site, to display homes for sale in the Daytona Beach area that are listed at over $1,000,000 – all 126 of them as of tonight. Check it out at Daytona Beach Homes for Sales Over $1,000,000. I would have put it on the blog, but it just doesn’t display properly here.

Sometimes, we all take what’s going on with real estate too seriously, and with gas and food prices spiking, it’s easy to get frustrated and upset. So, why not just take a few minutes and look at some beautiful homes.

Of course, don’t hesitate to call me if your in the market in this price range. Me and about 1,000,000 other Daytona Beach real estate agents would be happy to help you. Have fun!

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