Daytona Beach Real Estate Blog 100th Post

Wow! 100 Posts for Daytona Beach Real Estate Blog

It’s hard to believe, but this is our 100th post to the blog. We started in January when Daytona Beach real estate sales were at the lowest point in recent memory. We’ve chronicled the increase in sales as the market begins its recovery. Then in July, we save sales rise to the highest level since September of 2006.

We’ve also evolved a bit. We are not aggressively pursuing the use of video to enhance our service to both buyers and sellers. We have also attempted to focus on what’s important to our site visitors and customers. We have been listening, and people have been telling us they want to know more about short sales and foreclosures.

So, we have put together two videos on short sales. One video for short sale buyers and one video for short sale sellers. We are finishing the final editing on both videos and they will be up within the next 24 hours. We will post the announcement as they become available.

We will continue to provide market news and focus on what’s important to our visitors and customers. If you would like information on something we haven’t covered, just send us a message. I’m always available to answer questions at 386-566-7503.

Thanks to all our site visitors and customers.


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