Daytona Beach Real Estate on the Road

Technology and Real Estate on the Road

Selling Daytona Beach real estate is a 365 day a year job. Only a few short years ago, time on the road was wasted time. I’m talking about before cell phones, and now mobile internet connections.

We just took a short driving trip to South Florida for a few days. It was a combination of a short vacation and a little business for my husband. I used to dread the long driving trip as a boring waste of time. Now, it’s an opportunity to work with clients even on the road.

During the trip up and down, I was able to receive and send email messages, use the internet to access the MLS for clients and talk on the phone. Here’s my toolkit for the mobile electronic office:

  • Cell Phone
  • AT&T Air Card
  • Cigarette Lighter Power Supply for the Computer

The Air Card did pretty good, but had a few dead spots on I-95. There were no problems with the cell phone and the portable power supply works great to keep the computer going.

I feel much more comfortable traveling than I did a few years ago. I can relax when I know that people can contact me and that I can call clients if needed. In the past, I would be concerned about being out of contact.

I take client service seriously and although many think it wrong to be working on vacation, I accept the nature of the business of selling homes in Daytona Beach. Working a few hours a day is a small price to pay to know that I’m up to date with all my client’s needs.

When I first became a Daytona Beach real estate agent eleven years ago, it would have been nearly impossible to easily stay in touch. Cell phone service was spotty and mobile internet computing was unknown. Now, both are indispensable tools in providing the best possible service.

I can’t always answer my phone, but my goal is to return messages as fast as possible. I will have a new mobile computer on Friday that weighs two and a half pounds and will allow me to check email when I’m away from the office.

Some may call this excessive, but I believe the capability to contact clients and respond with the best possible information is an important part of customer service.

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