Daytona Beach Real Estate Short Sale Buyers Video

Short Sale Buyers Video Released

As promised in our post yesterday, we have created two videos. The first is Daytona Beach Real Estate Short Sale Buyers. This video explains what a short sale is, if it’s to your advantage, and the qualification requirements the lenders are seeking.

Real Estate short sales can save you 20 to 40 percent if you have the patience and knowledge to properlty pursue the process. This video can’t give you patience, but can provide a solid starting point in the short sale buying process.

I have taken several classes in the short sale process, but more importantly, I’ve successfully completed short sale transactions. Whether you’re a seller or buyer, give me a call at 386-566-7503 to get started.

Enjoy the Video!

You can get a PDF and audio download of the video at Daytona Beach Short Sale Video at


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