Know the Facts About Volusia County Foreclosure Sales

You Must Know the Facts about Volusia County Foreclosure Sales

The Clerk of Courts for Volusia County has published a Volusia County Foreclosure Sale Information Sheet. If you are considering purchasing a foreclosure in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange or anywhere else in the county, you should read this two page sheet. Why? Check this out:

“There are certain risks associated with bidding at foreclosure sales. One of them is the possibility of a foreclosure sale which is set aside because a defendant has filed for bankruptcy protection. If that is the case, even where the Plaintiff and the Clerk are unaware that a defendant has filed for bankruptcy protection, the foreclosure sale can be set aside, or is considered to be null and void. IF YOU BID AT A SALE, AND THE SALE IS SET ASIDE FOR REASONS OTHER THAN CLERK’S ERROR, THE CLERK WILL RETAIN THE SALE AND REGISTRY FEE EARNED.”

The Information Sheet also includes

  • Fees
  • Deposits
  • Payment Requirements
  • What happens if you don’t pay
  • Certificates of Sale

The Clerk of Courts also advises that you hire an attorney for this process. This is a very good idea unless you have a lot of experience in buying foreclosures from the county.

We know that Daytona Beach real estate and the rest of the county is being severely impacted by short sales and homes going into foreclosure. If you are looking to take advantage of foreclosure sales, arm yourself with the best information and representation.

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