Technology and Daytona Beach Real Estate – It’s About Service

How Our Use of Technology Can Benefit Daytona Beach Home Buyers

We have entered the video internet age. We believe that in a few years, video listings will be a normal part of our home buying experience. But, we are not waiting a few years, we are pioneering the use of video as a marketing tool, but more importantly as a customer service tool.

We have a great team and I’m lucking to have a couple of technology savvy people on my staff. My husband Michael and my son David. Michael has been involved in information systems since 1979 and was a Director of Information Technology for a Fortunre 50 company. David is a filmmaker who attended film school in New York and at UCF.

Yesterday and today, David is with a customer from California. David and the customer are shooting video of homes for the customer to show his wife who did not make the trip to Florida. Let’s face it, if you try to describe a home through pictures and words, it just doesn’t do justice. BUT, shoot a video and it’s the closest you can get to being there, well, without being there.

We created our first Ormond Beach real estate video listing a few weeks ago and this week we created our first community video with Ormond Lakes Community video.

A while back, I used a Flip Camera to video the upstairs of a home I was showing to a customer because the customer was unable to climb the stairs that day. Without the video, she would have been in the dark about the second floor features of the home. She was able to make a better decision because of our technology.

Video is not a substitute for customer service, it’s an enhancement. I still do things like answer my phone, return calls and emails quickly, and I’m personally present at most of the showings of my listings. Call me old fashioned, but service is still the most important part of my business.

I won’t bore you with the technical details of our four video cameras, editing software and capabilities, high end Mac video editing computer and how we host our computers on our websites. Frankly, I don’t understand it all myself, but I know it works.

We are in the process of creating video listings for all our listed properties in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach and Port Orange. They will be coming in the weeks to come.

We look at technology as raising the service bar. Technology by itself is a no use, it’s how we use it to enhance service that’s important. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service to both homes buyers and sellers.

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