Where Has Real Estate Advertising Gone?

Newspapers, Real Estate Magazines, Print Advertisers Suffering

Daytona Beach real estate agents are not investing much money in print advertising.

I was in the office of a friend the other day and looked at the free real estate magazines on the table in the lobby. I was shocked. They are so thin compared to a few years ago. What’s ironic is that they were thick when so few homes were available and are thin now when the market is saturated.

The old saying is that people vote with their money. From the reduction in the size of the free magazines, and the much fewer advertisements in the Daytona Beach New Journal, it can be said that real estate agents and company are voting not to put their money into print advertising.

We have known for several years that print advertising was becoming less effective. It has been our lowest source of contact from buyers of all the tools that we use. In a market where gaining listings is very competitive, many Realtors ran print advertising because the seller insisted. I will admit that we certainly did.

Signs are still very effective. We continue to get a lot of calls off of signs. We have increased the information on the signs about the home so that buyers are more interested in calling.

But the number one source of buyers inquires for us is the internet. Nationwide, more than 75% of buyers start their search on the internet. They call or email us about specific properties and what’s available in the area.

A real estate agent with a web presence is not enough. That web presence must produce buyer contact. If that is not happening, then the seller and the agent will both suffer.

My main site at www.lynnbyrne.com offers full search features for the Daytona Beach MLS. This covers Daytona, Ormond, Port Orange and surrounding areas. In addition, we post listings to national listing services for buyers who begin their searches theres.

The future of real estate marketing and advertising will continue to be on the internet. Further, we believe the future will be in multimedia. We have begun posting video listings, such as Ormond Beach Homes – 562 Oceanshore. We will also be posting video on the local communities, such as Ormond Beach Real Estate Video – Ormond Lakes Community.

Real estate advertising has gone to the internet and it’s going to stay there. Selective marketing of properties in other media forms, like print advertising, may still be effective, but smart money says to go where the buyers are – the internet.


  1. great article lynn! i definately agree with you, the future (and present) of real estate marketing is definately web-based. We have started using video-casts on our website as well.

  2. Thanks Jack.

    We’re interested in hearing how your customer feel about using video-casts. Good luck with it.

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