How to Clean Your Hardwood Floors

Cleaning Your Home or Condo Hardwood Floors

Wooden Floors

Beautiful hardwood floors are common in Daytona Beach area homes and condos. There’s a hard way and an easy way to clean hardwood floors. You can spend good money on specialized products, but an old standby from your pantry can work wonders.

Plain white vinegar used properly will clean you hardwood floors without worries about harsh chemicals on your floor or in the air. Vinegar won’t harm your children or pets either.

I found a nice article that describes the process of cleaning your hardwood floors. It’s written by a Brit, so enjoy the color (colour) of the language. Oh and 150ml is about 5 ounces and 4.5litres is just under 1 gallon and a quart (4.2 gallons). Enjoy the article.

Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor

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Now that you have your beautiful hardwood flooring laid and settled, you need to know how to care for it.  Natural wood is very easy to care for and will last a very long time if looked after properly.  You do not need to spend hours cleaning and polishing your hardwood floor, a short time every few days or weekly will be enough.  There are many commercial products on the market for cleaning and caring for your wooden floor, however, there is a very effective old fashioned remedy which is cheap and easy and very natural.  It is distilled vinegar, the clear one which most of us have in our larders anyway.

The easiest way to clean your floor is to begin by dusting it – and I don’t mean go around with a duster, use a broom and sweep round the floor, getting into all the corners and awkward places to remove all the dusty detritus that accumulates.  If you don’t have a broom or prefer not to use one, you can use your vacuum cleaner which may be easier for removing dust from those very hard to reach places by using the hose with the right nozzle.  Do not stint on this step or all you will do is redistribute the dust around your floor and it will just look dirty when you have finished.  Also make sure that you dust your furniture before doing the floor, or you will end up putting dust on your lovely clean floor – a total waste of time.

Now that you have removed the dust from your floor, you will need to wash it.  Begin by mixing 150ml of clear distilled vinegar with 4.5 litres of warm water.  Do not use very hot or boiling water as this will damage your wood, it should be hand hot, i.e. comfortable to put your hand in.  The vinegar/water mixture will leave the floor lovely and clean without harsh chemicals or any further hard work from you.  Your mop should be made of a soft material and must be clean before you begin as any grit trapped within its fibres may scratch your wooden floor.  Start by mopping the floor and do make sure you squeeze your mop out well so that your floor is not being made over wet.  You only need your mop to be damp as opposed to being dripping wet.  Mop firmly around the floor, taking time to get into those corners and if there are any stubborn bits, rub a little more or use a damp cloth to remove the dirt.  When you have finished it may be necessary to dry the floor, it all depends on how wet your mop was and if this was the case, an old bath towel, tea towel or a dry mop will suffice to wipe over the floor to dry it.  As you become more adept at cleaning your wooden floor, you should not have to keep drying it off when you have finished.

Regular cleaning will keep your lovely hardwood floor in tip top condition and will ensure that it lasts.  Remember too, a clean home is a healthy home, happy cleaning!

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  1. True enough, regular cleaning can help maintain the luster of hardwood floors. I really liked the cleaning solution that your post suggested- vinegar. People usually go for the ‘chemical’ type forgetting natural remedies found at home. Indeed, it is one practical cleaning material.

    We have just installed luscious cherry finished rosewood from flooring Sarasota and I was looking for some maintenance tips when I came across your article.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

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