Daytona Beach Real Estate Taxes

Daytona Beach Florida Real Estate Taxes

Property taxes have become an increasingly important part of home buying decisions. Recent increases in property taxes in many areas of the country means that knowing the property tax you will pay for your new home or condo is critical.

Daytona Beach is located in Volusia County. Daytona Beach Property taxes vary in Volusia County by municipality or “taxing authority.” The millage rates ($ per thousand) vary from 16.45533 in Debary to 22.56859 in Oak Hill. Daytona Beach Property taxes vary from 19.416 to 20.839.

How to Calculate Your Estimated Property Tax

How do you calculate your estimated property tax? You don’t! I’ve included a Volusia County Property Tax Calculator on my Daytona Beach Real Estate web site. Simply input your estimated purchase price, determine whether you will use a homestead exemption (Florida full-time resident), select the municipality and hit the calculate button. The estimated tax will display.

Please use this tool for estimation only. It’s not 100% accurate, but close. There are other exemptions that you may be eligible for. Check with the Volusia County Property Appraisers Office for more details.

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  1. Great tool and necessary when considering buying homes. Don’t for get the portability tax and 1031 if buying a vacation rental property.

  2. If the new law proposed goes into effect and they raise the sales tax 1 percent and offset the house taxes by 20-35 percent many homeowners will be dancing in the street. The bad news is again this will cut school funds. Seems to be a theme with these tax cuts the schools and public workers lost on the last portability tax law and appears schools will take another hit. Homeowners are so unable to pay increased taxes that I am sure they will go for this one.

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